From seed to fork, we are committed to ensuring superior quality nuts, sustainably grown with safe and responsible primary processing


We source dried fruits and nuts for the industry, produced under the best non-intensive agricultural practices that combine cutting edge technology with traditional techniques, ensuring the preservation of the environment, in symbiosis with the philosophy that gives it name, Permaculture - aiming at creating sustainable food chains by following nature’s patterns.

Nossa Missão


Our raw material - Raw Cashew Nut - is ethically sourced, from our own network of over 50,000 smallholder farmers in Mozambique. We are a single-country origin brand, and we can trace our kernel to the district level where it was grown.


Since we process at the source – our own factory in rural Mozambique - our cashew has a lower carbon footprint, whereas most cashew is shipped in its bulky shell, halfway around the world, in its raw state.


After being processed, our cashew kernel is sorted and packed into 25 different grades. Between whole and broken kernel, the different grades (or sizes) have a broad range of applications.

Our Almond – a Wild Almond – grown in the wilderness, many times in intercropping regimes, respecting the gestation periods, water and phytosanitary sufficiency, and the surrounding ecosystems, originating mainly from the Trás-os-Montes Region, Portugal.


That means lower yields per hectare than the intensive grown Almonds, but a far more intense flavor and sweetness, through the preservation of its nutrients and throughout the transformation process.


In our Almond factory, deep down in the Portuguese highlands, we clean, separate, calibrate, peel and treat our kernel to the best standards. We offer abroad range of processed products in addition the to tasty, Natural Almond.




We carefully select farmers
and their crops.


Partnerships are created with
those who share our basic

Inter-cropping planting

Rational use of water resources

Nuts produced with low levels of chemicals

Integrating biodiversity in orchards

Food Safety

We meet the highest international Food Safety Standards, delivering a superior quality product to our customers - BRCGS, IFS.

Social Responsibility

Supporting Local Communities

Buying nuts from small farmers - a strong regional tradition, with enormous importance for family-level income, contributing to the rural landscape and combating the socio-economic desertification of depressed areas.

Circular Economy

Biomass production with the bark and leftovers from the shell treatment.


It is our belief that education is the most important base for human development. Our preschool was founded with the specific aim of providing childcare and education for the young children of our factory working mothers.


In rural Mozambique, it is common for children to stay at home, at the care of a neighbor or older sibling that on its turn cannot attend school.


Permacashews offers a designated environment where children can engage in both playing and learning, contributing to the overall well-being of ourdedicated mothers and their families.

Alternative Energy

Use of alternative energy in the production process, not only nut shells but also solar energy.